Junk Gypsy x Miranda Lambert – Velvet Rodeo Collection

November 9, 2022

Velvet Rodeo is a milestone for us, a moment of validation, a moment of appreciation for a body of work  . . . and, oh, yeah, it’s a milestone for Miranda as well! All jokes aside though, when we first found out about the Vegas Residency it was yet another prideful, teary moment for us in our ML journey. 

Since we first met the Lambert family via the beautiful, wonderful world of junk and fleamarkets . . .

We’ve been like peas & carrots (really, more like gunpowder & lead) but y’all know what we mean. It all started almost 20 years ago when we designed Miranda’s logo, the guns & wings, see below. 

For the Velvet Rodeo art we knew we needed to do something special, so we reached out to our “artist in crime”, Morgan Avary, a Texas-based, female poster artist (check out her insta HERE) . . . it all made sense.

Morgan met us in Wimberley at the magical Blue Hole swimming hole this summer and we embarked on an epic brainstorm . . .  check out our reel about the adventure HERE

It started with the idea of velvet flocking (but no one really does this anymore)…

which then led to the idea of the iconic blacklight posters from the 60s & 70s (also, no one really does this anymore either but seriously… how awesome were these?!) 

. . which then led down a rabbit hole of disco balls, poker chips, flying horses, kerosene cans, little red wagons and the such. 

After a few months of sending ideas back & forth, we present to you the sure-to-be-iconic Velvet Rodeo poster art . . . from amie’s sketches to morgan’s pencil, the Velvet Rodeo poster has taken life. It’s filled with hidden treasures and little nuggets that all have special meaning to ML’s career over the past almost 20 years. See if y’all can find them all! 

poster as a 11 x 7 flat print

And oh yeah, it is actually a blacklight poster if you want to throw some light on it .. because we are CLASSY like that! yee haw, baby! 

velvet flocked and black light reactive poster

We were so inspired by this poster and the residency of Velvet Rodeo . . . that we’ve created an entire line in the same genre. Complete with bedding and clothes … it’s a whole vibe, y’all!


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