willie & whiskey

January 30, 2017

so it’s true. i’m way behind. again. it’s been like a month (or 2 but who’s counting) since my last blog and there’s tons to catch up on. but first, i can’t get my mind off of Valentine’s Day. and what is in my brain today, will quite likely be gone tomorrow so i better seize the inspo while i have it.

i’m here to declare vday for everyone. i’m here to declare it the REBEL VALENTINE’s DAY. to declare it a universal “you are woman. hear you roar.” kind of day. it’s for the tough girls. for the badasses. for those with or without a man. this day is for EVERY GIRL. we’re all in together on this, ladies. we’re rough, and tough, and we’re totally awesome. this is for the girl who isn’t with the band…she IS THE BAND. she’s whiskey in a teacup. and a fierce storm to be reckoned with. we don’t need no lacey doilies or chocolate truffles (whoa, whoa, whoaaaaaaa up there…actually, we’ll take the chocolate. just send all the chocolate you can)…all we need is a willie nelson vinyl and a glass of whiskey this vday. because we’re toasting all the double X chromosomes out there (that’s you, ladies), and we’re toasting ourselves. because, we got this.

while you’re toasting, check out our vday goods up on the interwebs. it’s good stuff that we think you deserve. #winkwink

if you’re needing a little inspo yourself, check out our LOVE pinterest board… ❤️????

photo cred: april pizana

and because we had to put hearts with wings on our boots…

photo cred: april pizana

and for the rebel in us all…

a little tom waits philosophy…

and before you sign off, be sure to head over to our blog from a few years ago…when we whipped up heart shaped pizzas and homemade shirley temples. ❤️???

and i threw this pic in…just, because…

signing off, y’all. to the boys, to the girls. to all the rebels out there…happy rebel valentine’s day! ? ?❤️?



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  • Reply Shana January 30, 2017 at 2:31 pm

    I really miss y’alls tv show… Idk if y’all still have it, but I miss it! It was so fun and inspiring to watch you guys do your thing! I like the ” whiskey in a tea cup” idea … I wish I saw more on Facebook too! Well, I’m sharing this post in hopes of seeing more!

  • Reply Michelle E. Black February 2, 2017 at 5:10 pm

    Great post you guys!! This is perfect because not all Valentines Day are the Hallmark kind! Sometimes we have to embrace the path we are on and learn to LOVE ourselves like no other can! One Valentines Day I spent nursing a broken heart so I decided to do something that I thought I couldn’t do if I were in a relationship. I packed my car up with great music, snacks and an overnight bag. That weekend I drove to the Grand Canyon to see it in the morning light. It seems I went the long way from Los Angeles and discovered Sedona, AZ! There I had my cards read by a gypsy. That day over 20 years ago I was told that I am much like a wolf, I love to go out on my own but always come back to my pack. That couldn’t be more true! No KIDDING true story. Love you gals! Stay awesome I know I will!

  • Reply Heidi February 4, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    Love you guys! Hope you can get more turquoise jewelry in, crosses, ❤ shaped, etc. You also need to have your signature heart and wings made into a necklace or perhaps a cuff. Maybe both!

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