natural born junkers – Texas Antiques Week 101 ?

March 7, 2017

it’s almost that time of year again…the most glorious time of year when the annual junkers migration to the promised land of junk occurs right smack dab in our neck of the woods. for some, you’re veteran pros at Texas Antiques Week. you gracefully glide through each field with the rhythmic skill of a cowgirl-boot donning ballerina, pixie’ing your way from booth to booth, selecting the finest junk for your trek home with nary a worry, sunburn, or blister. for others, it can be as daunting as trying to open those produce bags at the grocery store. you feel lost and discombobulated. you feel helpless and confused. naked and afraid. but never fear young grasshopper, we are here to help. and heads up, soldiers! you are all natural born junkers at heart. the coveted talent of opening the grocery store produce bags IS NOT directly proportional to your skills as a natural born junker. you were born to flea.

i repeat, YOU ARE NOT A LOSER.

you are NOT naked and afraid.

you are good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people LIKE you.

consider this your Texas Antiques Week 101, spring 2017 edition.

chapter 1. the basics – store dates/hours

chapter 2. big announcement (hint: gypsies ❤️ coffee)

this year, we’re adding even more goodness to the JG world HQ…we’re making it a one stop shopping experience…you can get your junk and your java!

we’re so excited to announce Royer’s Pie Haven and Two Sparrows Roasting Co will be setting up shop in our front yard! serving up all kinds of coffee (small batches roasted locally right here in Round Top!!!), Royer’s famous pies, Blue Bell ice cream, sack lunches like mom used to make, and THE BEST ICED TEA IN THE WORLDDDDDDD. 

chapter 3. where to get the wine.

As always, Miranda Lambert’s Red 55 Winery will be setting up at both the store and the tent… stop by and get your fave blend by the glass or the bottle!

chapter 4. here for the party….Junk-O-Rama Prom! ?

for Junk-O-Rama Prom pro tips, read here…or click the pic below

chapter 5. big event announcement involving complimentary WINEEEEEEEE & BOOKS!! #happydance

the day after prom, there will be a special after-hours event at the store and everyone is invited!!! as you may know, we’ve partnered up with Virginia Dare Winery (seriously, it’s a tough, tough job…but SOMEBODY has to do it) and we’re kicking off the partnership with an event right here at the JG store during Texas Antiques Week! the good folks from Virginia Dare Winery will be here all the way from Sonoma County. this wine label has a rich history that dates back to 1835  … it was one of the first wineries to sell wine after the repeal of prohibition back in 1933. It eventually saw turmoil and almost faded into history were it not for the The Francis Ford Coppola family that has kept the name alive. They are now ready to re-launch the Virginia Dare wines right here in Round Top! there’ll be music, food, WINE, after-hours shopping (first time ever), andddd we’re doing a special book signing of our NYT bestselling book! it’ll be a good time had by all! y’all bring yo friends and yo neighbors!

chapter 6. Front Porch Series

pull up a rocking chair and stay awhile for our front porch series featuring local singer/songwriters! it’s FREE! bring a lawn chair, bring a blanket! bring the whole fam-o-lee!


chapter 7. stop and smell the wildflowers

this time of year fayette county is famous for the photo-worthy wildflower display lining the highways. the bluebonnets are already coming out in full force so be ready for some great roadside scenery in this neck of the woods! if you stop for pics, be sure to watch for snakes or other country critters lurking in the grass.

{photo cred: keely marie scott}

chapter 8. grab the rags

there are several local magazines and journals to help guide you through your days and nights at Texas Antiques Week.

the Round Top Register,  Round Top Life & Style, and the Show Daily to name a few…


chapter 9. flea market tips

check out our “hey y’all” section in the inaugural issue of Round Top Life & Style for some of our best advice. (click the pic below)

i think that’s about it… you should be a pro-fession-ale now! gas up the biggest vehicle you have, pack your tie downs, and get ready to leave your cares behind you like we gypsies leave a trail of glitter! it’s the most glorious time of the year!

see y’all at the show!

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  • Reply Reba Bennett April 6, 2017 at 4:37 pm

    Got to come to your store ,loved it and found a lot of treasures ,we’ll be back in the fall . So much fun

  • Reply Bernie April 12, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    Love your blog!

  • Reply Shelley Felix April 21, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    Love your ideas!!! What happened to the tv show? My sister and I miss seeing it!! Please tell me you’ll be back!!! However, you have to say it lik eSchwarzenegger…

  • Reply Shelley Felix April 21, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    Yeah… shoulda read everything before posting that last one… Anyway, YYYAAAAAYYY!!!!!!! You ARE back!!!!!!

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