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November 21, 2023

We are a small but mighty crew! We have less than 20 folks here at JG all working hard to greet you at the store, like Kathy, Wendy, and Katie. Or serve you hot biscuits at the Wander Inn like Sandie. And wanting you to feel utter excitement every time you open a JG package in the mail like Shannon. Or making sure the products you order arrive on time like Calley. To keeping everything going like Kelley. To Adrian keeping and tending the land HQ resides on and keeping our mama cows happy. This team comes together and makes up the Junk Gypsy you know and love.

Of course none of this would be possible without Amie, Jolie, and Janie. Who took the leap of faith when forging their own way down the road less traveled with a heart for adventure. Read more about their story here.

To woman and family owned businesses everywhere!!



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