DIY Poison Herb Garden, Plant If You Dare!!

October 4, 2022

We’ve always been intrigued by the Poison Garden at the 900 year old Alnwick Castle in England where the “sinister side of botany blooms” (thank you @hgtv for that description!) 

. . . so we decided to make our own “poison” garden, and the results were. . . intoxicatingly enchanting.

by using lots of herbs, some cute metal mushrooms, a creepy sign, some dollar store skeleton hands, our idea took a life of its own.

you’ll need a small list of items, and an old chest of drawers.

we painted our chest black and gave it a quick sanding (using JG rebel child paint)

drilled holes in plastic baskets & lined with black burlap (that way we can remove the baskets for watering)

Now get creative! Make it your own . . we used metal mushrooms, and a creepy sign that we sell, dollar store skeleton, Spanish moss & lots of herbs.

We used rosemary, spearmint, oregano, and peppermint . . . no belladonna the deadly nightshade, foxglove, strychnine, or hemlock here . . . or is there? Who wants to come over for dinner? 

 we also decided to make a “poison” watering can!

and now you have a beautiful, mystical, slightly creepy poison garden.

happy halloween yall . . . 


list of supplies:

– old chest of drawers

black paint

– sander

– plastic baskets

– black burlap

– herbs of your choice

– spanish moss

– dollar store skeleton hands & skull

– metal mushrooms green & brown

Abandon all hope sign

smoke bombs  


1. paint chest black & sand down lightly for a distressed look.

2. drill holes in plastic baskets so the plants can be removed for watering.

3. line baskets with burlap

4. plant herbs, all kinds! the more the merrier!

5. arrange the herbs, skeleton hands, and mushrooms as you like!

happy gardening!! check out our insta reel of this DIY HERE

here’s the pinterest pins!

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  • Reply Cyndi November 18, 2022 at 6:30 am

    You outdid yourselves in this fabulous garden.
    Just don’t Touch!

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