Y’all Eat Yet?: Welcome to the Pretty B*tchin’ Kitchen by Miranda Lambert

April 25, 2023

She has done the damn thing y’all. ‘Y’all Eat Yet?: Welcome to the Pretty B*tchin’ Kitchen’ by Miranda Lambert is here and hot off the press!

Food is kinda a big thing around here in Gypsyville. It’s clear to see from our gourmet food section in the store, or everyday around noon with a group of us gathered around the dining table. Lunchtime at HQ is a daily gathering of the all kinds of kinds it takes to make up our little slice of heaven. It turns into a pot-luck style dining experience filled with goodies everyone has brought that day. Good food with good company is one of the finer things in life, and what this cookbook is all about.

The cumulation of passed down family recipes, shared recipes from Miranda’s close girl posse, and a collection of stories straight from the horses mouth has created the most eye and mouth watering experience while turning the pages. As a reader, you get a glimpse into why, like so many others, we love Miranda, Bev, and their girl gang.

287 pages filled with recipes that are meant to fill your belly, and your soul. Food that can be eaten off of paper plates with your fingers, or in a grand tablescape with your granny’s China. I’m talking true soul food meant to be shared with people near and dear to your heart and strangers alike.

Early last spring, Miranda & her girl gang took over the Wander Inn. Here they gathered under the historic Live Oaks, took pictures for the cookbook, sat around the fire pit, watched the longhorns, and in true Lambert fashion made an epic girls trip out of it. (and no ma’am, we did not benefit at all from Bev’s plethora of simmering crock-pots and plates of deviled eggs. . . honey hush!)

This is no ordinary cookbook y’all. . . from Texas-style migas, to French toast casserole, to jalapeño pimento cheese (I’m a self-titled pimento cheese connoisseur, this is a GOOD one y’all) and finally, last but not least, the famous Ziploc omelets that we made around Bev’s kitchen island when they hosted the ENTIRE Junk Gypsy crew at their house! (and, yes, we are all still reliving this dream weekend!)

That weekend was when Bev earned the nickname “Jackpot” because Indie (who was only 8 at the time) said to Amie, “Mama, now I know why you love Bev so much, because she’s the Jackpot!”

. . .and yes y’all . . she is

Honey hushhhhh. . . this meatloaf is famous for a reason y’all!! One of Amie & Jolie’s fav dishes to request when staying with the Lambert’s! Add it to your list of must-tries (which is sure to be long one after flipping through this book)

Like all good things in life, Junk Gypsy’s relationship with Miranda started at a flea market. . .

From initially designing Miranda’s iconic guns ‘n wings logo (& tattoo, sorry Rick) to a few airstream makeovers (plus a whole lot more throughout the years, you’ll have to grab the book to read about that) , this relationship has evolved to a 17 year long friendship with a shared love of family and blazing a trail of your own. Both Miranda Lambert the brand and Junk Gypsy are woman-owned and family-run businesses. Both hold true to their beliefs and Texas upbringings. Both believe that the kitchen is the center of the home. . . And both believe that the best ideas are shared over the kitchen table.

Junk Gypsy could not be more proud to carry “Y’all Eat Yet?”.

Get your copy of the book HERE

Take a trip down memory lane of JG & Miranda with blogs past HERE

Click HERE to see Miranda explain the artform that is Ziploc omelets

let us know which recipe(s) y’all are dying to try!!



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