texas antiques week(s)

September 10, 2018

i know, i know, i know….i KNOW what y’all are thinking. you’re wondering why in the world it’s still called Texas Antiques Week when it’s clearly more than 1 week long and furthermore, WHAT ARE THE OFFICIAL DATES? and the answer to both of these questions, oh sweet junker friends o’ mine, is a long & complicated one.

in the beginning, back when emma lee turney first started this little ole antique show in a barn here in round top, she set the dates according to the farmers almanac and the show was basically for one weekend. the show has now expanded with other dealers setting up on the sides of the road in cow pastures from round top to warrenton (5 miles away) … and expanded from only a weekend show to a full week. and now 50 years later it’s almost a full month. 

each show is run by different people and there is no governing body; therefore, each show has different dates. we have a store so we’ll be open the whole time, but our special antiques week festivities (Front Porch Series, Miranda Lambert wine,  Junk-O-Rama PROM, Bloody Mary Bars, etc… ) will coincide with the official Zapp Hall dates which are sept 28-oct 6. Junk-O-Rama Prom is Thursday, October 4. if you’re planning your trip before or after those dates, there will be vendors in the fields but if you’ll definitely get the biggest bang for your buck by coming within those dates.

here’s a big look at what’s happening at the JG world HQ during Texas Antiques Week … keep reading below for more deets on all the fun!

if you’re interested in knowing specific field dates, we recommend ANTIQUE WEEKEND.com to help clear through the confusion.

now, on to all of the crazy awesome fun events happening at the JG world HQ this Antiques Week…

rolling out first … a new event we’re pretty fired up about -> a Texas Antiques Week kick-off party! the 1st Annual Gypsy Picnic!

we’ll be celebrating the start of Antiques Week with our good friend, The Daytripper – Chet Garner, and having a viewing party of the Round Top episode of Daytripper after the sun goes down! you can pre-purchase a picnic basket for 2 or 4 folks filled with gourmet goodness specially curated and prepared by Chef Callie Speer & Chef Britt Castro of Holy Roller in ATX (yes, CALLIE SPEER of HOLY ROLLER – voted Austin Eater’s CHEF OF THE YEAR!). each “basket” is comprised of a super awesome souvenir tote, picnic blanket, and other fun limited availability souvenir swag (not to mention the gourmet grub)! CLICK HERE to check out the menu … oh muh gaw, y’all. it’s soooo good. like, SO GOOD. there are a limited number of baskets, so go HERE to order yours now and for answers to all kinds of FAQ’s! Don’t want to pre-purchase a basket? No problem! Callie & Britt will have the food truck up and running all night for individual ordering!

and we’re overwhelmingly ecstatic to announce that the honkytonkin’ stars have finally collided – the angels are rejoicing and singing willie nelson and gary stewart because we’re teaming up with The Dixie Chicken for our -> AFTER HOURS SHOPPING with the DIXIE CHICKEN & RED 55 WINERY. that’s right, the world famous – legendary – iconic DIXIE CHICKEN of College Station, Texas. home to Bottle Cap Alley, Famous Freddy Burgers,  and of course Tijuana Fries. these are our people y’all. the chicken (the Dixie Chicken is called “the chicken” for short) is our spirit animal. we may or may not have spent many, many a college night and day playing dominoes within the walls of this hallowed ground. we carved our names in the table and i may or may not have had amie’s baby shower right here in this saloon. because, of course.

as if it couldn’t get any better, the night is also sponsored by Red 55 Winery which means good grub and good drinks all around!

y’all make plans NOW to come out for this once ever moment in JG history! The Dixie Chicken is coming to Round Top, y’all! there’ll be burgers, beer, and domino tables! not to mention live music by Bo Brumble, Red 55 Wine, and shopping after hours! (click HERE or on the image for all the deets).

life is crazy. antiques week is crazier. so we’re bringing it all back to center with a little flea-driven zen. -> announcing: Yoga & Donuts, people! YOGA. and. DONUTS. (because all the great yogi spirits in the universe would want it this way). our long time friend and longer time yoga instructor, tiffany schreiner will be here to help us elevate and meditate. and we’ll have donuts on hand as a back up for that mindfulness thing. because honestly, we all need to be mindful while living our best life eating donuts and doing the downward facing dog.

and the best part? it’s ALL FREE!

come for the yoga. come for the donuts. we promise not to tell if you go straight for the donuts. (click HERE or the image for more deets).

it’s a bonafide Texas tradition -> Junk-O-Rama Prom featuring the John Evans Band …. the legend & lore. the one. the only. and it’s happening Thursday, October 4th at the JG tent!

we implore you to read April’s blog HERE. it’s truly the most magical capture of prom we’ve ever seen.

and then head over HERE to read 11 Facts to be a Junk-O-Rama Prom expert.

come one! come all! it’s FREE, y’all! be sure you stop by the gypsy tent first…then mingle around the entire Zapp Hall property for the full magical/mystical experience … a good time will be had by all! (click HERE or the image for more deets on the upcoming junk-o-rama prom)

last spring, we added a fun little event to the Antiques Week lineup, -> The Hangover Brunch! it was so much fun, we’re doing it again! it’s a fun morning of LIVE music, Barbecue Wife’s artisan Bloody Mary’s (psst! they’re free!), and gourmet breakfast options from The Holy Roller food truck! plus, live music and front yard fellowship!

it’s all the good feels! (click HERE or the image for more deets!)

what started as a little dream of ours several years ago, has become a longstanding tradition… The Front Porch Series – Live music on the front porch of the JG store all week long! it’s the best time to slow down and enjoy being in the country!

it’s FREE!!! (click HERE or the image for more deets!)


AND…here’s the first look at this show’s souvenir tee! available for pre-order this year because we always seem to sell out!

available in a super-soft natural unisex tee….

and the always favorite burnout unisex raglan…

ok. whew! that was A LOT OF INFO! we hope to see y’all at each and every event because a good time will be had by all. 100% guaranteed! we’ll be adding more deets as needed to each event’s facebook page so y’all be sure to check there for any extra info you may need! or feel free to give us a shout … we’re more than happy to help explain all the fun! (979.249.5865)

OK, y’all. this is it. the hills are alive with the sound of junk and it’s time to FLEA! pack the minivan, SUV, or big rig…it’s time to buy some junk!

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  • Reply Deborah D April 30, 2020 at 1:40 pm

    Would absolutely love to come. Antique Week is definitely on my bucket list. And meeting the Junk Gypsy family is right up there too.

    • Reply Jolie Sikes May 1, 2020 at 9:55 am

      ahhhh…hopefully all will be back to normal in the fall and you can plan a trip!

  • Reply Diane Marie Lanford August 12, 2023 at 5:01 pm

    We will be in Roundtop the week of October 23-26. What is the best day to visit with you!

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