11 facts to be a Junk-O-Rama Prom expert

September 25, 2016

the legend and lore of Junk-O-Rama prom extends far and wide…it is a mystical, magical event that takes place twice yearly in what is basically a cow pasture on the side of the road. it’s like lightning in a bottle. the energy is electric and the magic is unexplainable. it’s something that couldn’t have been planned. it just happened on it’s own and became what it is today.

{junk gypsy co.}

there have been many questions about Junk-O-Rama Prom through the years…this post explained the early beginnings, the roots, the reason Junk-O-Rama Prom was born.

{junk gypsy co.}

And then we filmed a prom episode for TV, because of course. and because it was necessary to control random elements like lights and sound and the weather (those TV crews are picky, picky, picky), we had to have the “TV prom” indoors. but rest assured all of you die-hard prom goers, the real deal, the true-blue Junk-O-Rama Prom always has been and always will be outdoors. under the texas stars and beside the big top tent while dancing on the dirt. just as it should be.

  1. it’s FREE. no tickets required – this is a free event. come one! come all! all ages and all walks of life are in attendance at the Junk-O-Rama Prom!
  2. WEAR. anything goes – seriously, you’ll see everything from vintage prom dresses to bath mats used as western chaps to lamp shades decked out as hats. there is no judgement and no pressure. come as you are or come dressed up; the only requirement is to come and have fun. we like to borrow the motto from Luckenbach here, that Junk-O-Rama Prom is where everybody is somebody!
  3. WHERE. prom originated at the JG tent…and that’s where it still is today twice a year. howeverrrrrr, because it has grown and grown and grownnnnn, folks are having a good time all around Zapp Hall. our best advice would be to come early to the gypsy tent … we tend to wrap it up around 10-11.
  4. TIME. we don’t have an official start time but we like to say dark-thirty. so basically, around 7:30-8
  5. SIT yo HINEY. there usually aren’t many places to sit at the gypsy tent…between the mingling and the dancing, there’s not much time for sitting!
  6. GRUB. for the hungry (or hangry in amie’s case) folks, the Zapp kitchen is serving food for supper. you could always come early and eat at Zapp…then head over to the Gypsy tent.
  7. DRANKS. Miranda Lambert’s wine, Red 55, will be serving wine & sangria by the glass (and the bottle) at the JG tent during prom…and of course, you can buy drinks at Zapp Hall too.
  8. TUNES. the John Evans Band is as much a part of prom as the Texas stars. and believe me, NOBODY can get ya kickin up yer heels like they do.
  9. PARKING. there are several parking lots in the area of Zapp Hall…just be sure you remember where you parked… it’ll be dark when you’re leaving! and do NOT take your chances and park on the road, the local law enforcement does not take too kindly to roadside parking.
  10. RAIN. in over 15 years of proms (that’s over 30 proms!), it’s only rained ONE time. we DO NOT have a rain plan, y’all. we like to adhere to the ignore and denial tactic when it comes to the possibility of rain. or also known as the power of positive thinking. that said, if it does rain, Junk-O-Rama Prom cannot proceed at the JG tent…there just isn’t any where to put the band and the loads of prom-goers. let’s play this one on a prom-by-prom basis.
  11. GET yo GOODS. yes, the gypsy register will be open throughout the prom night!

{junk gypsy co.}


special thanks to tomi cheeks, keely marie scott, and april pizana for these pics!

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  • Reply Michelle E. Black September 25, 2016 at 11:21 pm

    Sorry I’ll miss it! Miss you guys already! Now I have to edit and upload some amazing pictures I took at your first ever book signing! “Y’all” going to LOVE them!?

  • Reply Donna K Lough March 16, 2017 at 5:41 pm

    Our Sister on the Fly group will be heading your way
    4/23 so we have plenty of time to SHop… see you at the J G Headquarters and of course your
    PROM…. not wearing our bathroom rug chaps this year !!! We have been coming since 2010. We are ready to see all our friends and to have FUN … YEEEhaww!!!

  • Reply Whitney L September 21, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    Hey ladies!! for future planning (which Im usually not very good at) Im wondering if y’all know when Spring 2018 Prom/antiques week will be? My sister and I have been hoping and wishing to come to antiques week for YEars!! and Im thinking her big 4-Oh would be the perfect excuse to finally make it down there! Please send any info if you have it yet for the Spring festivities!
    Thanks, and have a blast next week!

  • Reply Cherry Ogburn August 1, 2018 at 8:20 pm

    What town is it in? I can’t find anything that says that.

  • Reply Amy sims February 18, 2022 at 11:12 am

    What are the date s for the prom this year??

  • Reply Savanna Landrum September 9, 2022 at 4:42 pm

    I can’t attend so instead im my 18th birthday party is junk-o-rama inspired!!

  • Reply junk-o-rama prom through the years – Junk Gypsy Blog February 10, 2023 at 1:07 pm

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