miranda lambert airstream 2.0 – the full scoop

April 24, 2018

i’m not sure what in God’s green earth made me ever think this makeover project might be simple. but, apparently aliens took over my brain and i had a case of short-term dementia that led me to think something along these lines: “a quick coat of paint, new curtains, a little freshening up of this and that and, voila! a brand new wanda! maybe we’ll even have time for a spa trip when we’re done. or bon-bons. bon-bons would be good.”

oh, you simpleton. oh, the deceptions and lies you tell yourself. lies! they’re all lies!

first, let’s take a little tour of wanda when we got her…suffice it to say she was roadweary at best. 

she’d seen many miles criss-crossing this great country. from sea to shining sea. she had hosted many a late night soiree and i can only imagine the stories she has to tell. but alas, she looked worn and dated. most of her original JG decor had been replaced/modified after she incurred a little rollover incident where she was basically totaled. however, miranda would hear nothing of replacing wanda with a new shiny airstream. so her team fixed her up and back down the road she would go.

in the past 9 years, miranda’s style has evolved, changed.

our style has evolved, changed.

so with the start of her latest tour, Livin’ Like Hippies, it only made sense to give wanda a whole new look to match miranda’s latest vibe.

so we went junkin’…. (while the film crew tagged along of course). we came across old european confessional booths at Bill Moore Antiques, so of course, we did the appropriate thing and confessed a few carpentry sins. if you missed our big confession, click here to watch episode 2 of Miranda Lambert Airstream makeover. but be forewarned, it’s juicy stuff. it might make ya blush.

we passed up on purchasing the old confessionals but we did score this great old hungarian pew. it was perfect. we loved the idea of something so soulful  in her airstream. it added seating and the seat was hinged which we could convert into easy storage. we retrofitted the top into hinged doors that served as additional storage and installed it over the wheel well.

taking cues from Miranda’s song, Heart Like Mine, we added “Jesus Drank Wine” to the pew for a super personal touch.

“‘Cause I heard Jesus he drank wine
And I bet we’d get along just fine
He could calm a storm and heal the blind
And I bet he’d understand a heart like mine.”

and i just happened to have an old tooled belt with the name WANDA on it in my personal collection…so we cut it up and used it as handles…

we installed a new floor made of old wood planks covered in a light stain. and built a new cabinet over the other wheel well to serve as a big cabinet to secure everything to make wanda highway worthy.

Miranda’s mantra the past few years… “music is medicine” decoupaged on an old tambourine and flanked by gold leaf wings.

janie made a scrap metal chandelier filled with trinkets and vintage pendants for above the bar.

i love this shot…dad’s working on the booth table, amie and adrian are in the background working on the pew, and you can see the mom’s project (the chandelier) in the front right corner. teamwork is the dreamwork.

and the big decision that was either going to be the worst decision ever or the best decision ever…the faux snakeskin booth. it was pricey and it was irreversible. but the gamble paid off and it couldn’t be more perfect. the table is made from an old wooden carousel panel and the table leg is from a grand piano.

the curtains are made to look like pearl snap shirts…with a touch of flapper fringe.


and here’s dad final toast as we finished up the wanda photoshoot and were readying her to set sail on Miranda’s concert tour…

to watch the final episode of our HGTV digital series on the rebuild of Miranda’s airstream, CLICK HERE!

*HUGE thanks to brandon aguilar of bma photo for these shots! XOXOXO!!!


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  • Reply J Q April 30, 2018 at 6:08 am

    Nice. Great job

  • Reply Jaybird May 7, 2018 at 1:05 pm

    You did a great job on this home away from home!!
    We were in the store a couple of days ago….very cool, I bought an odd shaped cut glass pitcher…it looks beautiful in my east facing kitchen window!! Thanks!

  • Reply Hilary May 15, 2018 at 2:16 pm

    Love JG & Miranda’s vibes and the airstream turned out GORG!!????

  • Reply Phyllis July 11, 2018 at 3:03 pm

    Well, Wanda is my Texas mother…now passed. Wanda Nell, in fact. And she lived in Quail, Wellington, Cactus, and all over the Texas Panhandle. Very pretty, too! She could have been a movie star. So this is quite perfect.

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