ICYMI – meet the sisters on the fly

October 22, 2018

in case you missed it (yes, that is what ICYMI stands for … don’t worry we had to google it too), we hosted a amazingly awesome event here last spring. the Sisters on the Fly came by the dozens. their caravan of homes on wheels traveled from near and far. we anxiously awaited their arrival and then celebrated their journey. it was epic memories. and majorly inspiring.

we filmed 3 episodes on the Sisters with  HGTV & Travel Channel while they were here. the “meet the sisters on the fly” video instantly went viral and is now at over 21 million views … you’ll be inspired. click the image below to watch now …

don’t forget to watch the other 2 episodes too! it’ll have ya wanting to take a grand adventure tomorrow!

and BE SURE you click this link to read Texas Monthly’s feature on the Sisters.

and now take a gander at just some of the beautiful images cameron gott captured while he was here…this first one is amie with Sister Becky, one of the original founders of sisters on the fly…

when the Sisters on the Fly roll into town, it’s a sight to see. it’s like the cowgirl circus is rolling into town. the caravan sometimes spans the distance from town to town…each trailer it’s own spectacle because any ordinary trailer just won’t do for the Sisters. no ma’am. not at all. decorating their trailers to fit their fancy is a bonafide sport taken very seriously. each trailer has it’s own style, it’s own personality. and trust us, these ain’t Martha Stewart-approved. the gaudier, the better. less is not more.


and possibly the best part about these Sisters? they have merit badges like the scouts. but, like their trailers, these ain’t no ordinary merit badges. they have badges for activities like backing into a tight spot, cigar smoking, and my personal favorite – running naked through the night, known as the naked nymph badge.

we were pretty much in heaven with all of these crazy badass ladies here on the JG property and decided we need to join their group stat.

if you’re a crazy obsessed pinner (like amie), here’s one just for you!

be sure y’all check out all the vids! we’re already making plans to have the sisters back this spring! stay tuned, you’ll definitely want to come out for the trailer tour!

here’s the link one more time ICYMI earlier … you really gotta watch all 3!!

here’s to the adventure!

here’s to the sisterhood!!!


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  • Reply Jill November 4, 2018 at 7:16 am

    This is the coolest group on earth! I wish I had the balls to do it!!!!

  • Reply Zingara November 9, 2018 at 8:06 am

    Fabuloso ladies!!!!! I love RUBY the Gypsy trailer….and these great spirited girls!!!😍😍

  • Reply Lisa Schmidt January 2, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    JILL (from the comment above), if you are nervous about doing it, then this is DEFINITELY the group for you! We are all about encouraging our sisters to GET OUT THERE and JUST DO IT! ha ha! I was just as skerred as everyone else but with their “can do” attitude, I met women who helped me back up my trailer (without judgement), encouraged me to take long, solo trips (without hubby) and just be self-confident enough in my abilities to do it on my own. They don’t allow kids, pets (with a few exceptions) or husbands so that we focus just on ourselves, not our usual obligations. I hope you take my advice and join. Lisa Schmidt (California – Sister #5149)

  • Reply texas antiques week – deconstructed – Junk Gypsy Blog March 5, 2020 at 3:10 pm

    […] about their maiden voyage to Gypsyville a few years ago HERE. and make plans to come see the action for yourself! we’ll be hosting a special night of […]

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