dropping the hammer

October 12, 2017
we’re dropping the hammer on a brand new Facebook original series!
as some of you may remember, we were busy this summer doing a little filming.

we filmed a series of short episodes for HGTV digital which means you can watch the videos on your phone or your computer…

and possibly the best part? you can watch anytime of day and in any time zone! #winning

BUT we weren’t able to tell you the rest of the big news which is that we were also filming for a new Facebook series!

Facebook is launching new original programming and we were chosen to be a part of their starting line-up…which we gotta admit, we thought was pretty darn exciting.

here’s what’ll be happening…or more accurately stated, here’s what we THINK will be happening.

Every week (or something like that), Facebook will release a new video. They’ll be short 4-6 minute videos all about finding something rusty & crusty and giving it an extreme makeover into something you love. Of course, we may throw in a little glitter whenever possible. AND we may have taken this opportunity to play dress up (see GIF above) a few times.

Because, of course.

Facebook has created it’s own page for our series and we all gave it a catchy little name…The Find & The Fix. And if you follow the page, you’ll be notified every time a new video is posted. We’re not real sure how this notification process works…but assuming it’s a subtle message on your smart phone or maybe it’s in your Facebook Feed…whatever it is, you need it. Because we want you to see ALL of the episodes and hope you love them all!
we know this is a little confusing, so follow these easy steps and you’re all set…
1) CLICK here to go the the official “the Find & the Fix with the Junk Gypsies” page & watch the trailer.
2) FOLLOW the page so you’ll be alerted every time a new video is posted (psst! word on the street is the first one launches this week!)
3) SHARE the page with all your friends & fam!
4) let us know what you think! we want to hear from you!

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  • Reply Kari October 12, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    I look forward to watching both of these short video shows. Do you know when we can find the new videos on HGTV? What I find right now is clips of your past shows, but maybe I’m not searching correctly.

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