DIY-Log Table

December 10, 2019

Side tables are like cowgirl boots to us. No matter how many you have, it’s never enough. They’re useful, essential, and everybody needs ’em.

This is one of our favorite nature-inspired DIYs that y’all may have caught on season 3 of our TV show … here’s the step by step so you can recreate these easy side tables on a tight budget!

Step 1: Acquire appropriate-size stumps. We shoot for twelve-inch to eighteen-inch diameter stumps for side tables. Remember: bigger isn’t necessarily better here—unless you have a tractor or forklift to move a giant stump. (This is a great time to commission help from someone who’s handy with a chain saw.)

Step 2: If you have the time, it’s best to store the wood in your garage or barn for about a month to let it dry. This also helps loosen the bark.

Step 3: Get to stripping! The bark, that is. Not you. It’s best not to DIY naked. Not that we know from experience. The difficulty of this step is determined by the type of wood you are working with. Cedar pulls off nice and clean. Oak requires a lot more elbow grease. You can use a variety of different tools for this step: hammer, pry bar, paint scraper, chisel, or bark spud. Whatever safely and effectively works for you.

Step 4: Be a smooth operator! Use a sanding block or just pieces of sandpaper to smooth out the stump. Really smooth.

Step 5: Wipe down your stump to get all the sawdust off.

Step 6: Finish it off with three to four coats of water-based polyurethane. Tip: You can also use wood stain if you want to give your stump some color other than its natural wood grain.

Step 7: Top that sucker off with a Shiner Bock!

And for all you pinners out there…. let’s share the love … we thank ya kindly!!

We have these on our front porch, in our living rooms, and in the Wander Inn! It really is a fave … hope you love them too! Now go be the superstar DIY’er that you are!

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