8th wonder of the world

September 16, 2017

it’s like an 8th wonder of the world. the twice-a-year Texas Antiques Week right here in Round Top/Warrenton/Fayetteville/Burton. it’s when 100,000 people and over 2500 vendors converge on our little community of only 90. that’s right 90 people. it’s when the whole entire world comes to our little pocket of texas…when you can find anything and everything. and this year, we think it’s really what the world needs now. it’s what we call junk therapy. it won’t cure world hunger or rebuild a home lost to hurricane harvey, but we do think a little junkin’ is good for the soul. whether you buy a great piece of junk or just a great piece of pie, sometimes a daytrip or a fleamarket getaway has the power to cure what ails ya. (well that and the bloody mary bar. a bloody mary bar can definitely cure what ails ya…keep reading for the deets on that ;))

consider this your Texas Antiques Week 101, fall 2017 edition.

chapter 1. the basics – store dates/hours

we’ve been hard at work redecorating the entire store for the past month….we’ve hauled in lots of fresh rusty, crusty junk and we have all kinds of awesome new goods! inspired by dancehall queens and retro texas style…we can’t wait for y’all to come and see it!

as you all know, the dates can get a little confusing. and this year, they’re more confusing than ever. we’ve been getting lots of questions (which is really never good because we’re confused too! :)). keep reading…we’re going to try to explain what is basically equal to the quadratic equation in our world regarding comprehension level. 

50 years ago a trailblazing woman named Emma Lee Turney started a round top antique show in a barn in round top. She set the dates according to the farmers almanac. soon the show expanded with other dealers setting up on the sides of the road in cow pastures from round top to warrenton (5 miles away) … and expanded from only a weekend show to a full week. and now 50 years later it’s almost a full month. 

each show is run by different people and there is no governing body; therefore, each show has different dates. we have a store so we’ll be open the whole time, but our special antiques week festivities (Front Porch Series, Miranda Lambert wine,  Junk-O-Rama PROM, Bloody Mary Bars, Royers in the front yard, etc… ) will be from sept 26 – oct 8. the Zapp hall show will be sept 29 – october 7 .

if that didn’t help, we recommend ANTIQUE WEEKEND.com to clear through the confusion.

chapter 2. after hours at the JG store featuring WINEEEEEEEE & live music #happydance

last spring, we hosted our first ever after hours shopping event…it was SO MUCH fun that we decided to do it again! everyone is invited!!! as you may know, we’ve partnered up with Virginia Dare Winery (seriously, it’s a tough, tough job…but SOMEBODY has to do it…read more about our partnership HERE).

the good folks from Virginia Dare Winery will be here all the way from Sonoma County. this wine label has a rich history that dates back to 1835  … it was one of the first wineries to sell wine after the repeal of prohibition back in 1933. It eventually saw turmoil and almost faded into history were it not for the The Francis Ford Coppola family that has kept the name alive. there’ll be music by Bo Brumble, food, WINE, and after-hours shopping! it’ll be a good time had by all! y’all bring yo friends and yo neighbors! pull up a chair and hang in our front yard!

chapter 3. royers + JG = happiness 4ever (hint: gypsies ❤ coffee) #winning

last spring, we featured Royer’s Pie Haven and Two Sparrows Roasting Co in our front yard…and we’re happy to announce they’ll be back again this fall! serving up all kinds of coffee (small batches roasted locally right here in Round Top!!!), Royer’s famous pies, Blue Bell ice cream, sack lunches featuring tara’s homemade chicken salads, breakfast tacos, and moreeeeee!!! and THE BEST ICED TEA IN THE WORLDDDDDDD. 

chapter 3. bloody mary bar

yep, you read that correctly. there will be a Barbecue Wife Bloody Mary Bar pop-up on select dates featuring artisan, nothing-but-good-stuff-in-it, austin-made, bloody mary’s with Tito’s vodka!

y’all. this is basically like a little piece of texas in a mason jar…and it’s the perfect pairing with junking! 🙂 mark your calendars now and BE SURE YOU STOP by for the best gosh dang bloody mary you’ll ever have!!! friday, 9/29 11am-2pm & sunday, 10/1 12pm-3pm

chapter 4. here for the party….Junk-O-Rama Prom! ?

it’s where the glitter meets the grit…a night of texas two-stepping under the fleamarket stars. Thursday, October 5th @ the JG tent @ Zapp Hall! for Junk-O-Rama Prom pro tips, read here…or click the pic below

chapter 5. book signing with Kim Leggett of CITY FARMHOUSE

stop by the JG store for a visit and a signed City Farmhouse book, recently featured by Oprah.com!!!


chapter 6. Front Porch Series

pull up a rocking chair and stay awhile for our front porch series featuring local singer/songwriters! it’s FREE! bring a lawn chair, bring a blanket! bring the whole fam-o-lee!


chapter 7. where to get the wine.

As always, Miranda Lambert’s Red 55 Winery will be setting up at both the store and the tent… stop by and get your fave blend by the glass or the bottle!

chapter 8. grab the rags

snag a local magazines to help guide you through your days and nights at Texas Antiques Week. and click here for even more info!



chapter 9. flea market tips

check out our “hey y’all” section in the second issue of Round Top Life & Style for some of our best tips on experiencing round top magic. (click the pic below)

i think that’s about it… you should be a pro-fession-ale now! gas up the biggest vehicle you have, pack your tie downs, and get ready to leave your cares behind you like we gypsies leave a trail of glitter! it’s the most glorious time of the year!

see y’all at the show!

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  • Reply Darlene September 18, 2017 at 3:29 pm

    Me and my friends have missed this one but when is the next one??? We want to start making plans for either the next one or the one one year from now so where can we find information about that and also rooms to rent and we’re trying to figure out how many has of us will be coming

  • Reply Robin Christenson September 20, 2017 at 12:19 am

    I’d also like to know the dates for the fall year 2018. We were at Round Top this year about 3 weeks to early. ? Fell in love with your little town. Your store is fabulous!!! We have family to stay with just need dates.

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