We are Texas.

November 13, 2017

we are TEXAS. and texas is so many things. but more than anything, we’re grit and heart and soul.

as many of you know, we teamed up with Miranda Lambert & Marcus & Melanie Luttrell’s Team Never Quit to create a Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief tee and the response was more than we ever could have asked for. whether a texan or not, everyone wanted to help. so in our small way, we created a design that we hope resonates with you. the texas filled with symbols that make up our great state, the statement – “we are texas” because in the face of adversity & tragedy, we are all ONE, the sun and the rays shining LIGHT on the darkest of times because we will RISE UP. and of course, “come hell or high water” because it couldn’t be more accurate.

we received orders from ACROSS THE WORLD, y’all … FROM ACROSS THE WORLD. we sold THOUSANDS of tees. we had folks wanting to volunteer to help us ship, to help us in any way they could. our local USPS went above and beyond picking up truckloads of shipments after hours on a saturday. Stone Cellar, our local pizza pub & dance hall, volunteered their dance hall so we could have a large “shipping facility”. bryan stinnett of Front Porch Prints printed tees at cost for us for days & weeks on end. CC Creations gave us a special discount on tees. dylan brewer of paulette’s craft store in Idaho set out a donation jar and mailed 2 checks totaling over $1500, it was humanity at it’s finest. it was people helping people. it was kindness and goodness and everything that is RIGHT in this world. and we are so, so thankful.

AND . . because of all of this . . and because of all of you . . . we raised $150,000 y’all!!!! $150,000!!!!
We wanted this relief to go to the best place with the biggest impact, so we decided that $100,000 of the funds will be donated to Rebuild Texas. And the remaining $50,000 will be donated to flood relief charities close to our hearts with local impact. Therefore we are proud to send this money to Team Rubicon Disaster Relief and La Grange Area Disaster Relief and with a portion going directly to the Gardenia Janssen Animal Shelter who helped families reunite with their pets after the flood.
This fundraising effort started with late night text messages between a group of friends that were heartbroken over the tragedy affecting our state, and yall . . . we did it!!! YOU did it. let’s all join hands more often in the name of spreading goodness. because, truly. this was SO. MUCH. GOOD. and it’s really what we all need now.



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    Do you have any Hell or High Water tshirts still available?

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