The Run Down on Round Top Winter Antique Show 2023

January 27, 2023

for this winter show, i really just wanted to get back to the basics and pay tribute to antique shows past. (really, i just wanted an excuse to use my new polaroid camera, but i digress) growing up in the world of digital cameras, filters, and facetune, an instant non-editable picture is truly refreshing.

so here is a collection of photos taken on polaroid over the weekend, filter and facetune free, complete with light leaks and all.

and because polaroid film is not infinite, here are the snapshots taken on an iphone (also facetune and filter free)

lampshade? head piece? whatever you want it to be. and those bar stools y’all…

although the winter show is much smaller than the spring and fall shows, it has become a staff and customer favorite. for one, its the one time a year that we open up our 20,000 sqft barn and help junk find a good home! its a slower vibe, but still an all around good time to be had

like all good things in life, the barn is only open for a short period of time. so mark your calendars and shake it like a polaroid picture down to round top next january and give junk a good home!! (shaking polaroids is actually a myth and i do not recommend it for good picture quality)

check out our reels over the winter show here, here, and here!



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