MaliBOO Barbie Dream House DIY

October 4, 2023

🏡➡️🏚️ From Barbie Dream House to Wednesday Addams Haunted Mansion in 6 easy steps!

1. 🏡💕Find your dream house! Think outside the box .. it could even be an old Barbie van!

2. 🖤Grab some black spray paint! And spray!

3. ✨Glitter the eaves, roofs & balconies! {We used black glitter}

4. 👻Add our “Ghosts on Vacation” wall art!

5. 🕯️Add our Flame Illusion modules (they are amazing! Have timers & remote controls!)

6. Invite over guests 👻

{also the green mossy stuff is on our site “Riccia Fluitans”}

Inspo on this from @castlebasas & @houseofvandel 

👀We can’t wait to see y’all’s versions of this! Be sure and tag us!

Supplies needed:

Old doll house

Spray paint


Flameless candles

Ghosts on Vacay wall decor

Riccia Fluitans for decor

Check out the haunted house in action HERE

What is your favorite spooky movie to watch this time of year?

I’m personally a bigggg fan of Beetlejuice



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