flea market barbie

August 22, 2023

Barbie is everything you make her, and anything that you want her to be. So with that ideology in mind, we decided to create the Flea Market Barbie. Who is no single barbie, but anyone and everyone who has ever felt the need to wander, had a deep love of old junk, and feels the draw of adventure.

Even if you haven’t seen the Barbie movie, you’ve still probably seen the iconic outfits from the movie floating around the interwebs. . . Iconic outfits that pay tribute to Barbie’s past and bring up all the warm nostalgia of childhood dolls.

While this outfit is certifiably #Kenough… we here at gypsyville have been rocking the Stagger Lee since 2015.

And while I (reluctantly) agree that pink isn’t for everyone, this shade of Barbie pink was absolutely made to be on the Stagger Lee!

Putting together bold outfit ensembles for our Barbie’s & even bolder interior design in Barbie Dream House’s is something some of us here at HQ have managed to turn into our day-jobs. . .

Check out Amie totally rocking the top during our Boot Scootin’ Boogie with Kendra Scott this past spring!!

*see here for Flea Market Barbie outfit inspo*
A moment for the shirt from behind. . .

Just like Barbie, us here in Gypsyville wear many different hats (physically & metaphorically). Going from dressed and ready for events like ones previously mentioned above, to spending weeks prepping in the barn for our barn sales (which is just as fun, but a hair less glamorous)

We’ve got an entire section dedicated to Flea Market Barbie!

Our new wooden signs are the perfect way to add that pop of pink y’all need in your life!

The Understated Leather Paris Texas Skirt Chaps are giving us allllll the cowgirl barbie vibes

who has seen the Barbie movie yet? y’all let me know what ya think!!

sending y’all all the love and good vibes!



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  • Reply Becca August 23, 2023 at 5:28 pm

    Are u going to have more sizes then a xsmall in the dirt wood flower blue Jean jacket

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