here there be dragons

January 11, 2024

It’s the year of the Dragon .. let’s start it off right.

The year of the dragon only comes around every 12 years, and is said to bring good luck, strength, and health to it’s year.

Our “Here there be Dragons” design is something that we’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

🗺️🐉Long ago, mapmakers would place monsters or dragons to mark unexplored territories. Medieval mapmakers inscribed the phrase “Here There Be Dragons” on maps showing unknown regions of the world.

🐉More on that later … but for now, dragons … let’s channel velvet-dusted moonlit runs through stone arches as we all re-enter the world. Check out that montage on insta HERE.

The Here There Be Dragons Sweatshirt, a current staff favorite & soon to be yours

Like any good tall tale, a quirky sidekick is a must. We recommend the Aslan Snake Bracelet & the Wrapped Tight Snake Ring

Happy 2024 dragons!

Hope your year is full of fire-breathing fun!



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